Remember Who You Are

Imagine that you are standing on a white platform high above the earth. You look down at the swirling marble planet beneath you, and a wave of anticipation courses through your soul. You consider the journey upon which you are about to embark. You are only aware of the basics . . . the type of family into which you will be born, a few challenges you selected with your mentors for your optimal development. The main thing you know is that you won’t remember your life here, won’t remember your friends, your family.

You look up. There surrounding you are hundreds of others standing on their own platforms, forming a circle above the opening into space. Some look down with excited smiles, others with creases of worry upon their brows.

Each person, just like you, has a guide dressed in a flowing white robe standing beside them. You watch your best friend at the platform to your left. Her guide whispers something into her ear. She nods her head, offers you one last wave, and jumps. Down she floats, her arms spread wide, her white robe billowing as she descends toward the earth and disappears into the clouds.

You gulp, knowing your turn is coming soon. You look to your guide. “It’s almost time,” he says. His blue eyes stare deeply into yours. “Remember, remember what you decided upon. What is your mission?”

The familiar refrain runs through your mind as it has millions of times before. You know it well — what you are being sent forth to do. While everyone who descends knows they are going to obtain their body, learn to live by faith, and follow the light home, each individual also has a unique mission, a unique message they hope will guide their lives.

Some will discover it and follow it with intention. Others will stumble upon it, living it without conscious awareness. Still others will become lost in the things of the world and completely forget their message and their promise to magnify it. This is the danger of the journey.

You concentrate, repeating your one-sentence mission twice to your guide. He nods his head vigorously, “Good, good, you’ll do fine. Just remember . . . ” He repeats your mission back to you.

“But how will I remember it when I’m going to forget everything?” you ask for what feels like the hundredth time.

“There will be reminders, indicators, signs. Look for them. But most of all,” he taps you where your heart will one day beat. “Most of all, if it’s in here deep enough, it will guide you like a homing signal. Follow it. Live it. Look for the light and it will guide you home.”

Your head bobs up and down and you put your hand over your chest, repeating your mission one more time for good measure. You understand now why your mentors insisted you keep it short . . . simple . . . powerful.

“It’s time,” he says.

You close your eyes and take your very first leap of faith . . .

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