The Perfect You

Come with me to a spiritual realm where the Light of the World, the Savior of mankind awaits. A glowing light surrounds Him and His arms outstretch, beckoning you to come to Him. You step forward and kneel at His feet.

Your finger gently trails across the nail prints, and your heart sinks — sensing the enormity of the pain He suffered because of you. Tears spill from your eyes. After a few moments, He lifts you to stand before Him and gathers you in His merciful arms, holding you tight.

You wonder what right you have to be here, feeling this immense love from One so perfect. A list of your mistakes, weaknesses, sins and imperfections floods your mind; and you start to shrink away.

“Don’t go,” He pleads, putting His hand to your cheek and brushing away your tears. Your eyes lift to His and you see only love there. No judgment, only love. “My sweet child,” He soothes, “Let me take these burdens from you. I cannot bear that you should suffer under their weight.”

One by one, you hand Him your cares, sins, disappointments, illnesses and imperfections. One by one, He embraces them and they melt in a puddle at His feet. You look down in awe as this pool of regrets evaporates and transforms into a glorious golden light that radiates out from Him in all directions. In the swell of that light comes a love more intense. It wraps you up in warmth and joy so remarkable that moisture fills your eyes once more. Only these tears are those of gratitude instead of guilt.

You look down at yourself and are amazed to see a white light radiating from you. You look to Him, puzzled at what you see in yourself.

“I made you perfect,” He says. “I made you the way you are.” You look around and suddenly you are in an exquisite garden. Flowers, trees, shrubs of every color and variety imaginable surround you. It seems that no two pieces of foliage are the same.

Jesus lifts a beautiful fragrant flower between His fingers and extends it to you. “You are like this precious flower. I made you the way you are. There is no one else like you. No one else can take your place. You are priceless to me.”

“But, I’ve made so many mistakes,” you say. “There have been so many disappointments. I try to do the right thing, but I’m too weak. I always seem to fail.”

“That is why you have me. You can’t do it alone.” He brushes away another tear from your cheek. “Allow me, and where you are weak, you will be strong.”

“Lean on me,” He continues, “and I will carry your burdens.
Come to me whenever you are lonely and afraid.
I live to comfort you.
Doubt not, fear not. I am right beside you.”

“My grace will make everything right.
Let me wipe away every tear, distortion and disappointment.
Remember, you are the perfect child I created in this garden.
You are a priceless gift to the world.”

“Whenever mortality’s cares begin to immerse you,
Come to me, and I will remind you who you really are.”

You rest your head on His shoulder, letting His words fill you with hope.

“Will you visit me often?” He asks at last.

You nod that you will.

“Good, good,” He says. “I have an important work for you – a work that only you can do.”

“What is it?” you ask.

“Shine for me. Shine like you are right now in this moment – free and unburdened by all that is not light and love. As you do, others will find me through you. Will you do that for me?”

Your heart swells with love for Him, and you hold nothing back, “Yes, yes, I will do anything for you. Only help me.”

“Of course,” He assures. “Always.”

(This was inspired by conversations/guided meditations with my remarkable friend, Judy Hansen. )


  1. This article has truly spoken to me. I need to give my cares, hurts and sadness to Him. For some reason I am having difficulty doing it. All the years past I did it. This time thhhhhhhhhhhhhhe problems seem to cling to me. I want to be free and unburdened again. WHERE DO I START THIS TIME??

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