Unearthing the Treasure in Your Own Backyard

Tuesday night, Judy Hansen and I talked about “Unearthing the Treasure in Your Own Backyard.” If you missed that call, an audio is up of this powerful 30-minute presentation where I share how I literally transformed my backyard into treasure. 🙂

This call is an itty-bitty taste of what you can expect in Zion National Park, April 20-23rd. Those who attend will come away transformed, filled with vision, purpose and the courage to live in alignment with their God-given missions.  How do I know that? Because it happens for me every time I go to Zion National Park with Judy Hansen and Lisa Rae Preston! These women are incredible! For years, I had a big dream that churned in my soul, but I never had the courage to really make it happen … to step forward into the unknown … until I spent a week with Judy Hansen in September 2009.

I came away with vision, faith, and enough fearlessness to do things I’d never done before. In December 2009, I took my good friend Lisa Rae Preston to stay a week with Judy, and the same thing happened for her!  The three of us came away with a vision of a world dotted with righteous women, standing in God’s power, in their own unique way, illuminating the path for others to follow, and inviting Christ to come light up this world!

We’ve seen it; we know it can happen!  And we’ve seen that the women who come to this event in April are pioneers of what’s to come. With all my heart, I want for you what happened for me! I want you to dust off that dream that God placed in your heart long ago. Bring it to Zion and let us help you midwife it into existence!

Please pray about whether YOU should be with us in April. There’s still time to book flights. I got a really good deal straight from Chattanooga to St. George on Travelocity.com. There’s still time to stay at Cliffrose. Or if you’re interested, a couple of the girls attending are renting a house, and it can be more economical to stay there while they still have space.

This is your chance to enjoy four days in an intimate, inspirational setting with two of the finest musicians on the planet, myself, Judy Hansen, and Lisa Rae Preston. Together we’re here to help 20-30 women birth their dreams.

If you’d like to be one of them and receive a full year of support thereafter, go to http://www.SpiritTreePublishing.com/event.htm today and reserve your spot!

To listen to “Unearthing the Treasure in Your Own Backyardgo here.

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