Have You Lost Hope? Find it Again!

Have you lost hope in some area of your life? Perhaps financially, or maybe your marriage is struggling, your child is having problems or your health is poor. In this video, I share what I learned from my own apparently hopeless situation. All is not lost. There is always hope! With God nothing is impossible. Here’s how…

If the video doesn’t appear for you above, you can watch it here.

Be sure to watch the second part to this video which covers a step-by-step method for resurrecting hope.


  1. Thank you for this message Marnie. Living here all the way in France as American expats, recently I have been feeling void of hope and clarity, due to many challenges my husband and I are facing. For one he is in dire need of contracts for his consulting business, and at age 57 in today’s world, you might as well be an old fossil. Why is this happening, we are tithers, and since we live in the expectation of provision, I thought, of not only ends meeting, but having a little extra left over, it feels more like uncertainty that anything else. We’ve always been hard workers. We are open to all things God may have for us, but at the moment, asking, seeking and knocking isn’t working. I know it’s a lie, because Jesus is well aware of our circumstances. We are suffering, there’s no other way of putting it. I will give great thought to this golden advice and pray for rainbows in the horizon to manifest. Too many tears have been shed, and there are people out there that really have it so much rougher. I pray that many people will be blessed and helped at your words of wisdom, thank you so much. God bless you.

  2. hi
    GOD bless you for that powerful message and keep encouraging believers.
    am hoping GOD will bless me with my own business and i have the faith and i know i will make it

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