Everyone Has a Message – What’s Yours?

I believe everyone has a message to share. No, you don’t have to write a book, build a web site, create a blog, or start a speaking career. Ordinary people share their messages every day in the way they live their lives. That’s what this follow up-video to yesterday’s is all about:


What’s your message? Share it below!


  1. I have a message/mission. I have just written my first book. “My Sister’s Journey” From Headache to Heartache” by Essence Publishing. My sister, Deb Morin, suffered a brain aneurysm-storke in 2004. I kept a daily journal for her from July 2004. Weeks later Deb recovered from a coma and I told her about her journal and she asked me to continue. Her dream was that we would tell her story when she recovered. Deb loved helping people and she was sure her story would help others. July 2009, a few days before my sister’s death, she asked me if I was still keeping her journal and I assured her I was. Deb said, “Barb it is all up to you now”. To make a long story the book was published May 2010 and the reviews are so rewarding. The entire process from typing for hours to the finished product and sales is truly miraculous. And “Yes” my sister’s story is helping many. God put Everything in Place and so many have a renewed appreciation for Life, Love, Family, and most of all Faith. I feel so blessed to have been chosen to make my sister’s dream come true and it was truly a life changing/blessing for me. God is so Good.

  2. There are countless benefits of learning how to budget your money. In fact, committing to a lifestyle of being financially responsible will impact every aspect of your life. I wrote a 290 page book Titled The Parable of The eight Talents. “If I Had a $1,000,000 Here’s What I’d Do With It” an inspiring teaching tale that will instruct people on the subject of making money utilizing their Talents and skills while understanding the concept and the importance of being financially literate and of being responsible to grow and preserve your future and wealth.

    But more importantly it is my desire that the reader will use this book to help teach and educate our children instilling in them the Key Vital Information that they should know and understand about planning their life for after they leave their parents home.

    We must make our children visualize the big picture, get them to grasp and understand the enormous importance of being financially literate and of being responsible to grow and preserve their future and wealth.

    The premise of the book is based on the story of the parables Matthew 25: 14-30 and my life experiences and what I’ve learned in terms of utilizing my talents, skills and abilities, saving, preserving, protecting and growing my money so that I may create wealth.

    PURPOSE: To help Readers think about the relationship between their abilities and their opportunities. I. The talents in the parable refer to not only money but also the opportunities that God gives us to use our natural abilities for the sake of seed time and harvest, being fruitful and multiplying, subduing the land, having dominion and leading to our overall success and prosperity here on earth and in heaven.

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