How to Get Your Message Heard in the World

Never before has it been so easy to deliver a message using modern technology. In fact it’s so possible, that people are on information overload and getting  confused about who to listen to and what to do. My colleagues and I are noticing that people are getting more immobilized by the day. There are too many choices, too many gurus, too many options for where to go. Rather than choose, people do nothing; and they remain stuck where they are.

You may have a wonderful message to share that could truly help people, but if you can’t get your message heard and understood, what can you do? If people don’t act upon the solution you’re offering because they’re overwhelmed, what will make your message stand out and go straight to their hearts? Not until you hit the heart, will they act and receive your solution.

This has been a constant consideration for me. I’ve pondered, prayed and pleaded to know how to cut through the noise and get good messages heard. Today, I had an epiphany on the subject that I’m sharing in this brief video. If you have a message to share, this video is for you!



  1. Marnie this could not have come at a better time however, i feel like you left me hanging. What comes next?

  2. Marnie, thanks! It is something to think about. I am making the adjustments as we speak (smile). Appreciate you and thanking God.

  3. Marnie,
    Where is the information on your different coaching packages? Is there a website — or should I just contact you directly? If I should contact you directly, then what is the best way to contact you? (or feel free to contact me)

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