The Supernatural Power of Surrender: Day 11 Light the World: Build the Kingdom (Year 2)

There’s an old gospel song that comes to mind when we think of the word “surrender.” “I surrender all, I surrender all; All to Thee, my blessed Savior, I surrender all.”

Most of the time when we hear the word surrender we think of giving up, losing the battle, or losing the war. We might think of being broken, bleeding, or our pride stomped into the ground. While this is a form of surrender, I do not believe this white-knuckled endurance or settling for a bad lot in life is what God ultimately wants from us. It is, perhaps, an important step along the way. But the type of surrender that unlocks miracles is not an anguished cry of “Uncle,” but a peaceful, trusting assurance that God knows best and that He wants to bring good things into our lives.

In today’s message I share my own experience of coming to this second type of surrender and how it worked miracles in my life.

How the Challenge Works

Step 1: Ask God each day, “What is one thing I can do to light the world and build the kingdom today?”

Step 2: ACT upon whatever He leads you to do. Go through the day EXPECTING for opportunities to arise.

Step 3: Document somewhere — in your private journal or on your favorite social media platform.

Step 4: Share! If you share publicly, please use our hash tags: #BuildTheKingdom and #LightTheWorldNow so I can cheer you on! If you’re going to be documenting privately, I recommend sharing your experience with a close friend or accountability partner. There is power in the sharing.

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