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The Power of Praise – Day 24 – Light the World, Build the Kingdom (Year 2)

What do you do when facing something daunting? Do you pray, get a feeling of peace, but things still look overwhelming as you proceed forward? If so, take a cue from King Jehoshaphat! He’ll demonstrate what to do between the time of your peaceful answer and things working themselves out. The secret is found in the power of praise.

There is a difference between praise and gratitude. 2 Chronicles chapter 20 tells the story of King Jehosaphat and the Children of Israel as they came up against an insurmountable enemy. The king’s first instinct was to gather his people in prayer and fasting. As he did so, the answer came through a prophet of God that they would “not need to fight in this battle. Set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord… Fear not, nor be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them: for the Lord will be with you.” (verse 17)

To his credit Jehosaphat took God at His word. Listen to the video below to find out how Jehosaphat harnessed the power of praise to calm the people’s fears and trust God for His promised miracles. As we model the steps Jehosaphat took, we can reap miracles in our own lives as well.

How the Challenge Works

Step 1: Ask God each day, “What is one thing I can do to light the world and build the kingdom today?”

Step 2: ACT upon whatever He leads you to do. Go through the day EXPECTING for opportunities to arise.

Step 3: Document somewhere — in your private journal or on your favorite social media platform.

Step 4: Share! If you share publicly, please use our hash tags: #BuildTheKingdom and #LightTheWorldNow so I can cheer you on! If you’re going to be documenting privately, I recommend sharing your experience with a close friend or accountability partner. There is power in the sharing.

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