I am that I am

Day 8: I Am That I Am

Life is made up of a bazillion tiny choices that you and everyone else in the world is making. All any of us can do is tap into our own heart, our own spirit as clearly and as cleanly as possible. We can reach toward God’s reaching and make our choices the best we know how in the moment.

As we do that (and even when we don’t do that), I believe every choice we make is “perfect.” Even if we learn later we could have done something differently, it was perfectly designed to bring us to where we need to be next. There have been times when I outright knew to do better but could not muster the strength, will power or faith to do it. As I kept calling out to Him, kept asking for His help, He brought me back around and made all of it serve my journey and shaped me into a more compassionate, less judgmental person.

All our life lessons build on each other. Everything happens for a reason and often the reason is simply to position us somewhere new.

Looking back can be helpful when we look at it realistically…both the positive and the negative in equal balance, until we see it through grateful eyes that comprehend that it was all divine perfection. Second guessing everything in an effort to more effectively control future outcomes is futile. Even if we get it all right the next time, there will be a completely new and different set of a bazillion variables.

Regardless of what we may believe, we do NOT have ultimate control of outcomes. There are too many other variables involved (including the freedom to choose for every other person on the planet).

What we CAN control is whether we choose to see divine balance in everything that happens, whether we choose to gratefully see God’s loving hand in every little thing. In the darkness and in the light, in the poor choices and the wise ones, He IS There. His name is “I Am, That I Am.” There is nowhere he is NOT. Everything serves because HE IS THERE.

As we really begin to understand this, we liberate ourselves from the past, from the need to control. We can go forward living in love, peace, and gratitude, allowing whatever comes to be divine perfection.