Receiving Abundance – It All Comes Down to Trust


My husband and I stayed at an Orlando beach results were hundreds of trees were covered in Spanish Moss. When I learned that Spanish Moss has no typical root system but thrives on water and nutrients it draws from the air, I was intrigued. How is that possible — that something invisible can create mounds of this very visible vegetation?

Spanish Moss even blossoms! In season, small flowers with yellow-green to blue petals appear on the strands. I always thought it was a parasite, but upon research I found that it doesn’t draw nutrients from the trees. It isn’t attached, it’s just clinging to the trees for support. Isn’t that a miracle?

Besides being interesting to look at, Spanish moss also serves the animal kingdom. There’s a type of spider that only lives in Spanish moss. And birds, squirrels, owls and mockingbirds like to use it in their nests. They say Henry Ford even stuffed the seat cushions of his automobiles with it.

As I walked around looking at this incredible vegetation, I felt a distinct impression that there is something we can all learn from the plant. Think of the level of trust it takes to have no visible means of sustenance. What would it be like to know that everything you needed to survive had to be pulled from the air?

I believe that if we could come to that level of trust, we would tap into something incredible — just like the Spanish moss. Our lives would become abundant, visible, intriguing and useful. We would become a living, breathing marvel.

Remember how Jesus said, “Consider the lilies of the field how they grow. They toil not, neither do they spin … even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these” (Matthew 6:28-29). He kept trying to teach us to trust God as our great Provider. Frankly, teaching trust is a very difficult thing to do. It’s a way of being and feeling about your life that is difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it.

I believe that’s why God has placed symbols all around us in nature to model the principle. Surrounding us are myriads of living organisms that grow abundantly without all the stress, strain and worry in which humans engage.

Jesus continued, “Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?”

I’ve noticed that the more I struggle, worry and fight to “provide” for myself, the more elusive those provisions become. Yet, the more I calmly trust, the more doors of opportunities open for me, seemingly out of thin air. The more I’m like Spanish moss, hanging around my Tree (or God) for support and trust that everything I need will be provided, the more I thrive and flourish.

Which brings me to one of my favorite verses

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Trust Him! He is your great Provider.

What NOT to do with God’s Promises

One of the main things I teach people to do when they’re going for a goal or objective is to pray and get a confirmation from the Lord that what they want is what God wants for them. When you get a feeling of peaceful assurance that you’re on the right path, you can proceed forward in faith, resting on God’s promises.

The problem that arises next for most of us is the human need to make God’s promises happen. We start feeling that “if it’s to be, it’s up to me” when the truth is “what God originates He orchestrates.” But surely we can’t sit back and do nothing? We must take action. True faith engenders action – right? Yes, it does, but there is a difference between taking inspired action and forcing an outcome.

I think the very best example of this was Sarai in the Old Testament (Genesis 16). Do you remember the promise God made to Abraham that he and Sarai would have a son? The problem was they were in their 90’s and Sarai’s time for bearing children had long since passed. God promised, yet nothing seemed to be happening. So, Sarai, in classic “take matters into my own hands” fashion set to work to help God fulfill His promise.

She had a handmaiden named Hagar who was of child-bearing years. In this period of time and part of the world, if your handmaid had a child by your husband, it was the same as if you had given birth to the child. It was the early form of surrogate motherhood. So, Sarai, went to her husband and suggested he take Hagar to wife and let her bear a son. It would be Sarai’s by proxy … thus fulfilling the Lord’s promise. After all, it wasn’t logical that a 90-year-old woman could ever bear a child herself – right?

So Abraham follows his wife’s advice, Hagar conceives and then begins to lord her pregnancy over Sarai. Sarai goes to Abraham and admits she’s made a mistake. Now what can she do about this prideful maid? He tells her that Hagar is her maid, and she can deal with her however she wants.

Sarai is harsh with Hagar and Hagar flees. An angel of the Lord appears to Hagar and asks her where she’s from and where’s she’s going. She explains that she’s fleeing from her mistress, Sarai. The angel tells her to return to her mistress and submit herself to her hands. The angel also prophecies to her about her son Ishmael and his impressive future.

Hagar replies with something quite insightful, “God sees me.” She marvels so much over the fact that God sees her — notices her — that the name of the well where she met the angel is called Beer-lahai-roi meaning, “The well of him who liveth and seeth me.”

I believe this desire to be seen, to be noticed and to matter is at the root of all Hagar’s actions toward Sarai. Here she is a servant, and Sarai tells her to have Abraham’s child so it can be hers. Sure, Hagar went along with this plan, but how much choice did she really have in the matter? She was a bondwoman.

Might her acting out toward her mistress be her way of saying, “Am I not human? Don’t I have feelings? Shouldn’t I have a say in how my body is used and for whom my children are born? Does anybody see me? Does anybody think my feelings matter here?”

How many times in our rush to fulfill God’s promises do we trample over other people to make it happen? Sarai used Hagar, and then was upset that Hagar didn’t handle it well. How did she expect her to handle it? I think this story is a classic example of our propensity to take a promise God has made, start trying to control how it happens, and forget completely about the feelings and rights of other people. We rarely stop to look through another person’s eyes to see that they might not be too happy about how we’re manipulating them or using them to reach our objective.

Had Sarai just waited — not taken action to manipulate things — she would have seen that God was actually going to help her bear a son herself. God literally meant what he said, and He didn’t need Sarai’s help to make it happen.

So the next time you feel the need to help God keep His promises, try stepping back and asking Him what action you should take — if any. Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing to do is to just be still and know that He is God!

The Progression by Dr. Michael J. Duckett

Have you been trying to use the Law of Attraction without success? Or maybe you have trouble reconciling it with your Christian beliefs. It’s my hope that this article will shed some light and provide you with a valuable resource for further study.

Consider with me for a moment that the universe is made up of two main parts:

1)  Fine intelligent matter that will obey thoughts that are impressed upon it by a higher intelligence through focus, faith and feeling. Wallace Wattles referred to this as “thinking stuff” in his book “The Science of Getting Rich.” This intelligent matter wants to move into physical form and is waiting for a higher intelligence to impress its plans upon it — to give it direction.

In Romans 8:19 Paul wrote, “For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.”

In Greek “earnest” in this verse means “eager hope” and “creature” means “creation or material universe” and “manifestation” means “revelation.” So let’s reword this verse a bit and substitute these definitions:

“For the eager hope of the material universe waits for the revelation of the sons of God.”

In other words, the matter of the universe is waiting for the children of God (us) to have a new idea or an “aha moment” — an intense, moment of light where we impress our focus, faith and feeling upon the matter of the universe and it can start moving into form.

2) There is a radiant intelligent light that acts as a communication system. It is in all, through all, and brings life to the universe. In essence, it is a hardwired communication system to the intelligent matter.  The matter wants to obey it. The matter trusts it.

Now, I believe the source of this radiant intelligent light is God. God is a personal, literal Being, a Personage as real as you or me. From Him radiates this intelligent life-giving light. It might be referred to as the Light of Christ, the Glory of God, or the Mind of God. I often call it God’s communication system. God then communicates to the intelligent matter to organize and create things.

We, as God’s children are made in His image and have the capacity to utilize God’s communication system to impress our thoughts and feelings upon intelligent matter. As we impress our thoughts and feelings upon this intelligent matter, we create things as well.

One of the best explanations I’ve seen for how this works is Dr. Michael J. Duckett’s DVD, The Progression. It explains far beyond what the movie The Secret taught and answers many questions that it did not address.

In The Progression, the terms “God” and “Mind of God” are used to denote the combination of both the thinking stuff and God’s communication system.

It’s common for people to call God’s communication system “God.”  Personally, I would say that God is the Glorified Being from whom this light radiates. But, I suppose this light is God the same as a strand of my hair is “Marnie.” It’s part of me, it’s from me, it’s extending out from me. It’s not a complete depiction of me, by any stretch, but it is an extension of me for sure. Where you see my hair, you know I’m nearby. 🙂  So I won’t quibble over terminology any more.

Dr. Duckett brings up several important points in The Progression that are lacking in other explanations I’ve seen: The following are a few.

1) The intelligent matter will obey what you give your focus, faith and feeling to — whether that’s something wanted or unwanted, “good” or “bad.”

2) Honesty and integrity are critical. The intelligent matter works best when it is operated upon through God’s communication system. When the intelligent matter is acted upon via God’s communication system, it responds more readily in positive ways. In essence, it knows it can trust the being that is giving it commands. In order to use God’s communication system, one must be aligned with integrity, love and the promotion of good.

3) One must take immediate action upon impressions in order to receive more inspiration and direction.

4) Dr. Duckett emphasizes the role of love and seeking the good of all. Because God is love and His communication system requires good intentions, one will be more successful in using God’s laws for their highest good when he or she lives in harmony with love.

I’ve been so impressed with The Progression that I’ve agreed to help Dr. Michael Duckett get the word out about it. You can view a segment of the DVD here. That is my affiliate link. If you like the movie and would like to be an affiliate too, there’s a link on that page with details. I anticipate this DVD will become very popular in the days ahead.

Step-By-Step Method for Resurrecting Hope

Over the last few months, I’ve stumbled upon a step-by-step method for resurrecting hope when hope feels dead and gone. I call it my SAM Experiment. Hope you enjoy this video explanation and give it a try for yourself!

Please tell me how it goes for you in the comment area below.

You’ve Got to Fish in Your Own Pond

Our greatest resource in life is relationships. We need other people to make big dreams come true. If the adversary can drive a wedge between you and other people, he can keep you from accomplishing what you’re here to do. Some of the typical wedges he drives include feelings of judgement, jealousy, competition, anger, resentment, self-doubt and insecurity.

When we find our own purpose, we realize that God has placed each of us within a sphere of influence to do something no one else can do. This appreciation for our own mission and for that of others enables us to work together to do great things. But one of the first lessons we need to learn is to fish in our own pond.

This video clip is from the Light the World Birthing Your Destiny Retreat we held in Zion National Park in April 2010. In it I talk about how I overcame my own insecurities and learned the importance of fishing in my own pond.

If the video doesn’t show up for you, you can view it here.

“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” (John 13: 34-35)

Who’s Your Creator? Letting Go of False Beliefs

So many of us let other people define who we are. We come into this world as babies; then the people around us start telling us who we are. They may tell us we’re smart, pretty, talented or funny. Others may tell us we’re dumb, fat, lazy or boring. For years, I let others define me as the “smart, well-behaved, shy girl.” When I went off to college, I decided I could be anybody I wanted to be. The people I grew up with weren’t there and I could choose to define myself however I wished.

I decided “shy” wasn’t a descriptor I wanted to keep, and I stepped outside my comfort zone. I made new friends and dated more. Eventually, life brought me opportunities to interact with more people. I became a teacher and a business person, and now I thrive on standing in front of a group and delivering a message. Sure, I can still be an introvert, but I don’t define myself as the “shy girl” anymore. It doesn’t fit. More importantly, it’s not who God created me to be.

At our Light the World Retreat we created a safe space for the women who attended to be themselves. We gave them an environment where they could let go of everything that wasn’t them, and become a clear conduit of God’s love and light — so they could be who HE created them to be.

In the following video, Quincy Magalei, talks about her experience at the Light the World: Birthing Your Destiny Retreat. She shares what it’s like allowing God to dwell within you and to be your Creator instead of letting false beliefs and outside voices be your creator. What a difference this shift makes!

If the video isn’t showing up for you, watch “Allowing God to Be Your Creator” here.

If I Were Brave

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do if you were completely fearless? What if money were no object, what if what other people said didn’t matter? Or as Jana Stanfield sings in her song, “If I Were Brave”,

What if we’re all meant to do what we secretly dream? What would you ask if you knew you could have anything? Like the mighty oak sleeps in the heart of a seed, are there miracles in you and me? … What steps would I take today if I were brave?

Listen to Jana and share what you’d do today if you were brave! And then do it! 🙂

It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

In my associations with professionals in both casual and business settings, I’ve taken the time to observe human nature. In the process, I’ve found that among those who are spot-on experts, there are two distinct types:

  1. Those who are always “on,” who are polished and can integrate what they do into every conversation. Their elevator speeches roll off their tongues like well oiled pieces of sales copy. Everything stays professional and there appears to be no chinks in their armor.
  2. Then there are those who tend to ask about you first. They show interest in you before they talk about themselves. They too know how to clearly explain their business, but they aren’t afraid to appear vulnerable or have a conversation that doesn’t revolve around business.

Of these two types of individuals, I am naturally drawn to the second group. Why? Because they feel real! They are authentic, and I can relate to them. Sure, they are successful in their businesses, but they still put their jackets on one sleeve at a time like I do.

It is their “human-ness” that endears me to them. Maybe it’s because I’m past being impressed with accolades, fame and awards. In my 20-year business career, I’ve found that it’s much easier to be a business success than it is to be an authentic human being.

Whether we’re talking live events or social media, I see these same types of business people. Time after time, I am drawn to real people who also happen to be successful at what they do. Maybe it’s because up until ten years ago, I was always “on” – always thinking business, dreaming business, talking business. And I wasn’t happy! Life is about so much more than business. It’s those who are authentic and realize that “life is one indivisible whole” (Ghandi) who really make an impact for good in the world.

What do you think?

One Flight Down – Norah Jones and Your Beliefs

I love the soulful voice and melodies of Norah Jones. Sometimes I wish I could play the piano like that so bad it hurts.

Yesterday was the first time I’d heard her recording of “One Flight Down.” At a glance, you look at the words and say, “Well what in the world is that about? Is it just about a song playing in the apartment downstairs?” As I pondered it more, I realized just how incredibly profound it is.

First here’s the song with the lyrics for Norah Jones’, “One Flight Down:”

One Flight Down by Norah Jones Video

One flight down
There’s a song on low
And your mind just picked up on the sound
Now you know you’re wrong
Because it drifts like smoke
And it’s been there playing all along
Now you know
Now you know

The reeds and brass have been weaving
Leading into a single note

In this place
Where your arms unfold
Here at last you see your ancient face
Now you know
Now you know

The cadence rolls in broken
Plays it over and then goes

One flight down
There’s a song on low
And it’s been there playing all along
Now you know
Now you know

Have you ever had an “aha moment” when you realized that your perception of things was completely off base? When you realized you were building your life and making choices on a faulty belief? Perhaps you discovered that there was an underlying statement in your subconscious mind (one flight down) that was affecting you, controlling your actions, “weaving, leading into a single note.” Something like, “It’s hard to make money.” Or “I have to be perfect for God to love me,” or “Everybody’s in debt . . . debt is part of life.”

In this “aha moment” “your arms unfold” and “here at last you see your ancient face” … the old incorrect belief that was there all along. Like a cadence rolling in broken, your mind played it over again, pushing it “one flight down” into your subconscious mind. From there it controlled your thoughts, words, actions and results.

But now you hear the melody… “you know that you were wrong” and with that realization, nothing will ever be the same again.

I don’t know what Norah Jones would say this song is about. But another interpretation could be your life message that is playing like a song in the background . . . put into your subconscious mind from birth that is leading you, guiding you along toward a “single note”… a single message that you were born to convey.  Your “ancient face” could be that eternal part of you that has always existed and in that aha moment, you see who you truly are.

Just because you hadn’t heard the melody playing before, doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. All the while guiding you forward, affecting your life choices and outcomes. Maybe it rolls along broken because of all the gunk we’ve let life put in the way. Then, in that moment you hear the melody and everything changes. 🙂  Ooooh, I think I like this interpretation the best. 🙂

I’d be curious to hear what you think!