Our Mission


Hi! I’m Marnie Pehrson, I’ve been helping talented professionals deliver their messages to the online world since 1995. You’ve come to the right place if

  • You are a Christian who wants to make a positive difference in the world.
  • You believe God has given you a message to share and/or a mission to fulfill that will bless others.
  • You have a book in you or a special method or system for helping other people who are struggling with what you’ve overcome.
  • There’s a “wrong” that you’d like to “right” in the world. Perhaps you’d like to wake people up and help them find greater happiness through the truths you know.

I believe that God placed us each here with a mission and/or a message. We’re each ideally suited to deliver that message to a group of people who crave what we offer. You are the medicine for someone else’s illness. They are your spiritual “matches” and you can be the light that resonates with them and leads them to more of God’s truth and love.

You need not feel you must serve everyone. Indeed, it is impossible to be everyone’s answer. But there is a select group of people who will be drawn to you more than anyone else. You will be the teacher who arrives when the students are ready. So, you will be able to help people who would never listen to me. And I will assist people who will not resonate with your neighbor. Light cleaves to light. Intelligence cleaves to intelligence, and those who resonate with you will be drawn to you… IF… you are authentically you.

The Importance of Clarity and Authenticity

If there is “gunk” in the way that keeps you from shining brightly, then you’ll be like a radio stuck between stations, picking up 2 or 3 songs at a time, full of static and more irritating than enlightening.  The first step to shining brightly is to get out of your own way and become a pure receptacle of God’s love and light.

The atonement of Jesus Christ is pivotal in enabling you to clear the “gunk” that keeps you from being the child of God He created you to be. In order to shine brightly and reduce this gunk, we each must:

  • Come to Him and let Him make us whole again;
  • View ourselves through His compassionate and loving eyes. We must come to accept our true selves and be courageous enough to be the people we were created to be.
  • Trust Him completely at a heart-soul-mind level;
    • Trust His timing, knowing that every spriritual seed we plant has its own germination period.
    • Look for the good in every circumstance — knowing that everything (even if it looks “bad”) is working together for our good if we can learn from it and seize the opportunities within it.
  • Simplify our lives — eliminating the superfluous and distracting activities, entertainment, and habits that add static to our lives.
  • Create a sacred space where we can go to connect with Him and receive instruction, enlightenment, comfort and guidance.
  • Act promptly upon His directions with exactness, focus and faith.
  • Continue to grow in our ability to hear His voice, and follow His instructions.

To come to this place of authenticity and oneness with your Creator, you must sacrifice some things. I like to think of it as a “trade.”

  • Trade unwholesome entertainment for the companionship of the Spirit of God.
  • Trade rat-wheel busy-ness for a state of relaxed flow.
  • Trade a frantic need for control for faith-filled trust.
  • Trade dishonesty and blindness for life-giving clarity and truth.

As you do this, you will become a conduit for God’s love. You will plant seeds, love them along, and stand back as witness to the glorious miracle of creation in your life. No toil, no spin, no guilt involved.