The Progression by Dr. Michael J. Duckett

Have you been trying to use the Law of Attraction without success? Or maybe you have trouble reconciling it with your Christian beliefs. It’s my hope that this article will shed some light and provide you with a valuable resource for further study.

Consider with me for a moment that the universe is made up of two main parts:

1)  Fine intelligent matter that will obey thoughts that are impressed upon it by a higher intelligence through focus, faith and feeling. Wallace Wattles referred to this as “thinking stuff” in his book “The Science of Getting Rich.” This intelligent matter wants to move into physical form and is waiting for a higher intelligence to impress its plans upon it — to give it direction.

In Romans 8:19 Paul wrote, “For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.”

In Greek “earnest” in this verse means “eager hope” and “creature” means “creation or material universe” and “manifestation” means “revelation.” So let’s reword this verse a bit and substitute these definitions:

“For the eager hope of the material universe waits for the revelation of the sons of God.”

In other words, the matter of the universe is waiting for the children of God (us) to have a new idea or an “aha moment” — an intense, moment of light where we impress our focus, faith and feeling upon the matter of the universe and it can start moving into form.

2) There is a radiant intelligent light that acts as a communication system. It is in all, through all, and brings life to the universe. In essence, it is a hardwired communication system to the intelligent matter.  The matter wants to obey it. The matter trusts it.

Now, I believe the source of this radiant intelligent light is God. God is a personal, literal Being, a Personage as real as you or me. From Him radiates this intelligent life-giving light. It might be referred to as the Light of Christ, the Glory of God, or the Mind of God. I often call it God’s communication system. God then communicates to the intelligent matter to organize and create things.

We, as God’s children are made in His image and have the capacity to utilize God’s communication system to impress our thoughts and feelings upon intelligent matter. As we impress our thoughts and feelings upon this intelligent matter, we create things as well.

One of the best explanations I’ve seen for how this works is Dr. Michael J. Duckett’s DVD, The Progression. It explains far beyond what the movie The Secret taught and answers many questions that it did not address.

In The Progression, the terms “God” and “Mind of God” are used to denote the combination of both the thinking stuff and God’s communication system.

It’s common for people to call God’s communication system “God.”  Personally, I would say that God is the Glorified Being from whom this light radiates. But, I suppose this light is God the same as a strand of my hair is “Marnie.” It’s part of me, it’s from me, it’s extending out from me. It’s not a complete depiction of me, by any stretch, but it is an extension of me for sure. Where you see my hair, you know I’m nearby. 🙂  So I won’t quibble over terminology any more.

Dr. Duckett brings up several important points in The Progression that are lacking in other explanations I’ve seen: The following are a few.

1) The intelligent matter will obey what you give your focus, faith and feeling to — whether that’s something wanted or unwanted, “good” or “bad.”

2) Honesty and integrity are critical. The intelligent matter works best when it is operated upon through God’s communication system. When the intelligent matter is acted upon via God’s communication system, it responds more readily in positive ways. In essence, it knows it can trust the being that is giving it commands. In order to use God’s communication system, one must be aligned with integrity, love and the promotion of good.

3) One must take immediate action upon impressions in order to receive more inspiration and direction.

4) Dr. Duckett emphasizes the role of love and seeking the good of all. Because God is love and His communication system requires good intentions, one will be more successful in using God’s laws for their highest good when he or she lives in harmony with love.

I’ve been so impressed with The Progression that I’ve agreed to help Dr. Michael Duckett get the word out about it. You can view a segment of the DVD here. That is my affiliate link. If you like the movie and would like to be an affiliate too, there’s a link on that page with details. I anticipate this DVD will become very popular in the days ahead.


  1. I think the use of scripture here is being used to support new age thinking. I believe that our faith activates God into action – we can’t please God in any other way. But to say we ‘impress our feelings and thoughts on to intelligent matter’ is going away from how our faith in God and our obedience to Him causes us to receive. Now NLT version says For all creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will revea’l who his children really are’. Bit different from your use of scripture here isn’t it?

    • Jo, thank you for your comment. I was in no way diminishing faith in this equation. To me, “focus faith and feeling” is faith. And I also believe as long as Christians deny the way the universe works, we will not step into the power we have as children of the Most High to create and use God’s ability to bring down the power of Satan. As long as we’re afraid to step into our creative power as His children, satan remains in control — because his followers and those who just don’t give a flip about God do know how to impress their thoughts and feelings on this matter. But the fact is they don’t hold a thimble-full of the power that we do as followers of Christ who align ourselves with His light, truth and glory. I want Christians to wake up and embrace their power as God’s children. And understanding how his universe works and how He creates is the first step.

      • Marnie, I applaud and commend your efforts to broaden the Christian’s mind-and-heart-set to the infinite possibilities in Christ Jesus. I also caution you that doing so can be an incredibly lonely undertaking, as I’m sure you are well aware. For years too numerous to count, we as Christians have tiptoed around what it really means to take authority and dominion over our lives through Christ, and we have also neglected the unity of which he has called us. We know what we know, and we don’t want to know any different. Clinging to our comfort zones for dear life, we’ve remained tucked away in our silos of religion, refusing to breach the walls of mediocrity and separatism. Meanwhile, the devil and his henchmen have run circles around us, usurping our power, dividing our families, and plaguing us with all manner of struggle and strife. This is not God’s desire for any of us, but most of us refuse to be enlightened to a greater level of understanding when it comes to biblical truths. We’d rather remain stuck in neutral, spinning our wheels, all because we are afraid to be the powerful, walking dynamos of believing power that God has called us to be. Hosea 4:6 tells us very succinctly that a lack of knowledge can potentially cause us great harm, but John 8:32 declares that the truth can and will make us free if we’ll allow it. I encourage all those who read your blog to never again allow anyone to place a harness of slavery on your mind, heart, and soul. Heavenly Father is the GIVER of good and perfect gifts. He has given you the gift of spirit and this gift abides within you. This gift is perfect! You can have every confidence that the spirit of Christ within you will lead and guide you to the truth. Knowledge is the key to power! It’s one of the vehicles by which our Blessed Lord and Savior will transport us to victory. Trust this with all your heart and be confident that you have nothing to fear. Thanks for all you do, Marnie. I’m strengthened by your dictation and resolve to seek and share the truth!

        • Thanks Fran! You are so right. I believe our ability to cut across denominational lines and find common ground in Jesus Christ is the key to bringing about a Millennial day. How can we live comfortably with the Prince of Peace if we can’t even get along with each other? In a recent conversation with a friend who belongs to a different demonination than me, I came to realize what I really want is to be understood. My friend didn’t have to change her beliefs and embrace all of mine, I just appreciated her genuine respect as she took the time to understand where I’m coming from and to love me unconditionally. I believe that’s what we all want from each other — respect and understanding. When we seek for that, and aren’t afraid of someone else’s beliefs because we might catch religious “cooties” from them, we can learn so much from each other. We are so incredibly enriched and blessed by other people’s perspectives. I sometimes feel like we’re the blind men with the elephant. One touches the trunk and says it’s like a snake, another the ear and says it’s like a fan, another the side and says it’s like a wall, another the leg and says it’s like a tree. All are telling the truth, yet the complete picture is somewhere in the composite. I love the addage, “Truth is truth, where ‘re we find it.” I believe our job as Christians is to search diligently in the Light of Christ and find truths that are scattered amidst all beliefs and perspectives. God embraces all truth and so should we. Thanks again for your encouragement and support!

      • I would also like to add that in the book of Matthew, chapter 21 verse 21 it says :

        Jesus answered and said unto them, “Verily I say unto you, If you have faith, and doubt not, you shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.”

        At no point in that statement, does it say that WE don’t have the power to do this nor does it say that ONLY our father in heaven has this ability to shape this world. As a matter of fact, the bible says from the beginning that man was made to have dominion over the earth.

        Just my views on the topic at hand. Thanks

  2. I am always looking for a clearer and more in line with my belief system explanation of “The Secret” Thanks so much Marnie this was helpful

  3. Thank you Marnie for such great insights
    We are made from the same matter that God used in creating the Universe, so the Universe responds to us to give us whatever we require of it because of that connection that we have. Also He commanded us to rule and have dominion over his creation. Which is why in Romans 8:19 creation or nature eagerly awaits for the manifestation or revelation of the sons of God. Creation is waiting for us to take a stance and exercise that dominion over it. Once you get the revelation that you are a son of God and that creation is actually waiting for you to tell it what to do, the Universe becomes your playground and you get to experience heaven on earth. And because we are created in the image of a creative God, what God does we can do also. We are creative beings for we have God’s creative ability.

    Thank you Marnie – it is agreat work that you are doing

    • Thank you so much for your comments and the way you put this. Love it, couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks so much for understanding where I’m coming from on this one. 🙂

  4. This video puts all belief systems Budda, Catholic, Christian, money makers, Social giants, the Holy Spirit, etc all on an equal level, because they are spiritual. This video implies that by your brain and your belief system of goodness, since you are a spiritaul being, then you can gain anything you desire. This totally disregards the truth that Jesus is the only Way for no man can come to the Father but through Jesus Christ. Nor gaining Whatever you desire is what the Bible says, it says that If you delight yourself in the Lord He will give you the desires of your heart. The key to this is if you delight in the Lord then He is your desire so of course He gives you what you desire because He is what your heart truly desires. I believe you are going way off field with your intension and you need to review what you are sharing in regards with this video, to say you are of Christ Jesus and agree with this video’s unilateral acceptance that all these belief systems are the Way to be in the family of God, you definitely do not know Him or His word, because this is what this video is teaching. I believe you need to review this video again and really see for yourself how it does not line up with the Word of God. Praying Jesus help you to see clearly and give you His wisdom. If this video is still being promoted soon I will asked to be removed from your list. Which would be a shame because up until this time I have seen God’s truth thru Jesus coming through you. But to say the Holy Spirit is the same as the other religions, past and present, is really close to blasphemy. Lord Jesus help you.

    • Thanks for your comment Victoria. I KNOW that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God and my personal Savior and Redeemer. The reason I even brought up my variance in definitions of God as depicted in the DVD is because of my adamant knowledge that Jesus is the Christ and that my Heavenly Father is a real, personal being. But this video is not about gaining salvation. It’s about how the universe works. People who believe only in a “higher power” and don’t give any credence to Jesus Christ at all use these principles to their advantage and obtain the desires of their heart. Why? because it’s simply the way the universe works. To discount this video because it doesn’t spell out that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the one and only way for salvation is like discounting a chemistry book because it doesn’t spell out that Jesus is the creator of the world. BUT, I will add that the producer of this film DOES have a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ and lives his life hoping to always be a servant of the Lord. I believe when you set people on a path of truth, that truth always leads home to Jesus Christ. If you teach people to do good and to love God and to love each other, eventually that path will lead them home to a fullness of truth. Have you seen the DVD? I wouldn’t recommend judging it until you look at it in it’s entirety with an open mind — that it’s an explanation of how the universe works and the creative process.

  5. Everyone who is conversing about “The Progression” video on this blog, I give you my heart felt thank you. Please be aware, I am a Christian Minister who is dedicated to uniting Christians today, not in a single religion, but in a consciousness that will be in alignment with what Jesus wanted all of us to understand–as Christians, we have a direct communication with God through Him. This was the concept that bothered his persecutors more than anything. Before Christ, the only connection to God was through the Rulers and High Priests. The only way we can utilize this amazing gift of Jesus is by recognizing it. The historical time has come that Christians must put aside looking for what is wrong with each other. Instead, if someone accepts Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and Savior, they are my brother and sister in Christ as well. Just as I love my biological family, I too will love my Spiritual Family of Christ the same. I may have different philosophies and practices than some of my Christian brothers and sisters, but one thing we all have in common, is the recognition that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. He died on the cross for our salvation. For all Jesus is to all of us Christians–He has my love and devotion. I am a servant to His people and committed to doing whatever I can do, to exhibit his lessons in my every day life. The stronger Christians come together with the intention of seeing the Love and Beauty in each other, the better place the world will be for all of us. In Loving Service, Michael

  6. Thank you for response your to my comment. I still can not accept this video, just think about it: at the very beginning of the trailer it equals Jesus, the Holy Spirit as all the same as other spiritual people. Jesus said that if He be lifted up then all men will come to Him. I understand that you are trying make this video say what you expect others to see what your saying but it doesn’t, look at the different comments you are already receiving from those who say they are Believers in Jesus Christ. No, I have not seen the whole video nor do I want to, even more so not now. You are not seeing the truth of what this video will be saying to those who do not know Jesus. To assume that everyone will understand it is Jesus you are guiding them too by sharing this video is a wrong assumption. I see in your writings both you and the Dr. are looking for a one world religion capping it all under the title of saying it is Christian. You need to read Revelation and other warnings that even Jesus spoke of in the end times. I do agree we are to love one another but we are not to change the truth that Jesus shared so that we call it love. Love is not always touchy feeling sometimes it is discipline and correction. I am praying for you all to read the Word of God more and that the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to His truth not what the world says is truth. There IS a difference. Lord God help us all to see Your way not our own way. If I am wrong about this I am praying that God will open my eyes of understanding and correct me, so far my heart is breaking for those who do not know Him and who will see this video and think it is ok to get what ever you desire just because your brain and your own spiritual understanding will get it. Maybe it will for worldly things but for receiving the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ it will not happen. I am also heavy hearted that my Christian brothers and sister who do not see the truth clearly but will except worldly truth as The truth. Lord God help us all in the name of Jesus.

    • You know, Victoria, I’ve thought and prayed a lot about this already. Here’s why I don’t feel there’s a problem with people who don’t know Jesus Christ watching this video. At the very worst, they will come away

      Being kind to others
      Trying to look for and be a part of the highest good for all
      Loving other people more
      Being honest and having integrity
      Speaking only good of others
      Basically living the golden rule

      That doesn’t sound like such a wicked thing. In fact, they may be so not-wicked that they might abide the day of Christ’s coming and be able to be taught be Him when they’re ready to receive it. Or in the very least they won’t be stacking more damnation on their souls by living in sin. I still argue that if you set people on a path of loving others and being kind and living the 10 commandments, they will eventually come around to knowing Jesus Christ. But if you cram your religion down their throat, they’re more likely to never listen to you. But bottom line, I don’t see this dvd as a path to salvation. It’s just a treatise on how the universe works. It’s broad and all-encompassing and will lead people of various different backgrounds and belief systems to do the things I listed above. If nothing else, it will create a world where people allow us to believe what we want and worship as we please.

      It’s not for you and that’s ok. I didn’t put it out here to cram it down people’s throats. I just think it’s an optional resource if someone is trying to form their own opinions of how the creative process works. I rarely believe 100% of anything I read or watch. I have my own belief system and when I watch anything I glean what resonates and toss the rest out. If someone is able to do that, I think they’ll find some things that they can implement from this DVD that they didn’t glean from a movie like The Secret.

      • I have just stumbled onto your blog this monrnig and I have to say I am deeply touched and moved by all of your posts and your background story. I believe it is no accident that I found your blog this monrnig. You see, I am a worrier . I have been blessed by God with a relatively easy life, but in my mind that is not the case. I worry about the future constantly and my favorite phrase is what if . . I can create scenarios and situations in my mind and eventually convince myself it is only a matter of time before these terrible things happen (usually related to finances or health, even though these things are fine in my life right now). This is so contrary to how God has commanded us to live and I struggle with these negative thoughts and fears daily. To read your story and see you how you have experienced so many of the things I fear and to see your strength and faith has been a wake up call for me this monrnig. We are to live our lives in total surrender to HIM and even if these things take place in our lives, we survive and eventually will THRIVE again. The enemy is very much trying to rob me of my peace and joy in life over matters that have not even happened and I cannot allow this to happen. Thanks for your transparency and I look forward to reading more!

        • Hi Nina! So glad you found the site. Those negative thoughts definitely are our worst enemies. I can feel for you because I periodically still battle with them myself. In my experience, the thoughts are much worse than the reality. I find the Lord always helps me through the tough times and lightens my burdens when I’m actually going through something difficult. It’s the negative, worrying expectation that is most difficult. It robs of our joy during our good times. I’ve found it beneficial to itemize my worries and in my imagination place them in a big garbage bag and hand them to the Savior to let Him dispose of. As long as I keep my eyes on him, I can walk on water. The minute I get more concerned with the wind and waves… the more I sink.

  7. Thank you Marnie for your response again to my newest comment. I believe you have it all backwards Jesus is the One who changes us to loving caring person by His living in us and through those who believe and receive Him. If we could do this on our own as you suggested in your last comment then why would they or we need Jesus to come in and give them new life? When we come to an alter of repentance and receive His love then we have the true love that we can then share with others. His love is freely given but only those who receive His love can truly love as He would have us to love one another. Jesus is the one to be lifted up not the rules or powers or laws of the universe. He controls the universe, He made it. I am not saying the science in this video is incorrect I am saying the belief system this video is advocating is way wrong and sending out the message that all belief systems are good so pick which ever you want and everything will work out ok, this is misleading, decietful and not sharing the truth of Jesus. Jesus desires a relationship with Him not a brain spiritual equal level with all other belief situations. I’m not talking religion here I trying to communicate a relationship with Jesus. I believe as long as we are not focusing on Jesus Christ as the center of our lives then we will never come to an agreement. I do pray you will know the truth of God’s Word because I do know you have a sincere heart to help people. Please remember if Jesus be lifted up then all people will be drawn to Him and then He can work with and through them. I do recommend that you read Dr. Caroline Leaf’s books and listen to Joyce Meyer you will learn more than I could ever share here and they will bless and help you and Dr Leaf’s books are full of modern science about the brain with the truth of Jesus being the One who makes the difference in our lives. Jesus changes lives, not we change our lives then we will want Jesus. Thank you again and God bless you through Jesus.

    • I 100% agree with you that Jesus is the one who changes us. No argument there. The Light of Christ is what’s radiating from Him and bringing life to the universe. His light is the conscience of mankind. He is working on each of us to bring about change — whether we realize it’s Him or not. 😉 God bless!

  8. Michael: I really enjoy *and* “ingest” your speech about over-coming fear: it is such an unnecessary “robber” of life: thanks, Scotty

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