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One of the hardest things for a Christian to understand is what God is up to in his/her life. We go through spiritual highs and lows, have challenges and afflictions, suffer and sometimes succumb to temptation. All of this can seem confusing at times. Isn’t following God supposed to be joyous and froth with continual blessings? On the contrary, the Christian life is hardly a free hopper pass to Disney World. Christian or not, life is difficult, demanding and sometimes downright unfair. But if we can find the meaning in it all, it’s much easier to bear, and we’ll have peace knowing that God knows where He’s taking us and that the journey will all be worth it.

God works in definite patterns in the lives of His children. Understand God’s methods and how He navigates, and you begin to see what He is trying to teach you. You may think He’s crazy stopping off to see the largest ball of twine, until a piece of that twine comes in handy on a later adventure. Everything He does is for a reason, and that reason is to prepare you for something later down the road. Understanding human nature and also how God disciplines and instructs his children will help you quit questioning His navigation. You’ll begin to relax and let God work His wonder in your life.

Lord, Are You Sure? will help you:

  • Understand why certain challenges or problems keep repeating in your life, and how to break the cycle.
  • Unlock the mystery of why you encounter challenges and roadblocks on roads you felt inspired to travel.
  • Learn that life is not random. Everything happens for a reason.
  • Accomplish your righteous desires with God’s help.
  • Increase your faith to a level that you never thought possible.
  • Recognize the Lord’s hand in your life, how to find the line between what you control and what God controls, and how to know whether to forge ahead or be still and know that He is God.
  • Learn how to tweak your thinking and unlock the abundant blessings that God has ready to shower upon you.
  • Have true, day-to-day, lasting peace that passes all understanding – even in the midst of adversity.

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