Day 27: Overcoming Depression, Hopelessness, Addiction and Suicide

I had a couple interesting conversations with people about how the need to look perfect and like you have it all together can lead to depression, hopelessness, addiction and even suicide.

If you think about it, our society glamorizes the ideal. Photoshopping is not reality. A lot of us are tempted to portray only our “best side” on social media. There are subcultures in some religions that pressure people to look like they’re perfect and have no problems. And people with some “sins” or life challenges are hammered by internal and/or external shame.

The first thing Satan told Adam and Eve in the garden after they ate the fruit was that they should be ashamed because they were naked and to hide. He’s still telling us the same thing. That we should be ashamed of who we are and what we’ve done and to go hide.

A big part of my growth and healing journey has been to openly feel and admit my emotions and my challenges. When I acknowledge to another person (aka confess) Satan can’t shame me anymore over that thing. I’ve called him out and he holds no power over me there.

Satan tempts men to sin, then to be ashamed and to hide from each other and from God. Husbands hide from wives. Wives hide from husbands. Children hide from parents and we hide from each other in every aspect of society.

God gives us the solution. Confess, open your eyes and your ears to his love, receive Christ’s grace, let him heal you. Every sin is a result of a deep unmet need. Let Him meet the need and heal the wound and the desire for sin goes away. Then he touches you with his finger so you can shine like a candle on a candlestick.

With God, condemnation and shame are never part of the prescription. Don’t let Satan shame you. Call him out. Go to someone you can trust and confess the doubts, fears, emotions and thoughts he’s putting into your mind. Go to someone who is connected to Christ and let them walk beside you back to the Savior so he can heal you.

Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite hymns, “Be Still My Soul”

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