God's love

God’s Love – Day 30 – Light the World, Build the Kingdom (Year 2)

God is love. But, what is love? And what does God’s love look like in your life? Are you recognizing it? For many, love means accepting someone as they are, not expecting them to change, not placing demands on them. For many, love means constant giving, supporting and no challenge. Some believe that Love is all “yes” and no “no’s.”

But is that really the highest and best love? Might a higher love challenge us to step up, to be more, to grow and achieve our full potential. Might true love set expectations and boundaries on behavior? A love that is both challenge and support can be the greatest love of all. God’s love is this type of love.

How the Challenge Works

Step 1: Ask God each day, “What is one thing I can do to light the world and build the kingdom today?”

Step 2: ACT upon whatever He leads you to do. Go through the day EXPECTING for opportunities to arise.

Step 3: Document somewhere — in your private journal or on your favorite social media platform.

Step 4: Share! If you share publicly, please use our hash tags: #BuildTheKingdom and #LightTheWorldNow so I can cheer you on! If you’re going to be documenting privately, I recommend sharing your experience with a close friend or accountability partner. There is power in the sharing.

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