I'll fly away

I’ll Fly Away – Day 60: Light the World, Build the Kingdom (Year 2)

While in Nicholasville, Kentucky, visiting a friend, we had the opportunity to attend Gospel on the Green. This young woman on the keyboard and vocals singing “I’ll Fly Away” is an amazing musician. Marlana VanHoose (who is blind with cerebral palsy) sang during the inauguration activities of President Trump. She said she told President Trump that the only thing that will make America great again is belief in God and His word.

Come Morning the Darkness Is Gone, Performed by Marlana VanHoose

National Anthem sung by Marlana VanHoose

How the Challenge Works

Step 1: Ask God each day, “What is one thing I can do to light the world and build the kingdom today?”

Step 2: ACT upon whatever He leads you to do. Go through the day EXPECTING for opportunities to arise.

Step 3: Document somewhere — in your private journal or on your favorite social media platform.

Step 4: Share! If you share publicly, please use our hash tags: #BuildTheKingdom and #LightTheWorldNow so I can cheer you on! If you’re going to be documenting privately, I recommend sharing your experience with a close friend or accountability partner. There is power in the sharing.

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  1. Marnie, I so believe in your 90 Day Challenges to let God’s Light shine through each of us every day! I wanted to weigh in that for this second year I am continuing a special project I began in January that fits in with this mission. My friend is involved in a destructive divorce and has had to take a menial job as an overnight stocking clerk from 8 PM to 6 AM, four nights a week. I committed (to myself) to send her a text message each of the four nights she works for her to read (and hopefully to receive God’s Light) during her “lunch break” at 2 AM. My perseverance has come partially b/c of participating in this challenge last year. I have to admit, often it’s difficult to find the “right” text or picture. But I want her to know she’s not alone and is loved and prayed for no matter what she is facing personally or in her job. Thank you for your loyalty and obedience to Light The World for His Kingdom.

    • I love how you’re applying the challenge on a one-on-one basis. It is so important that we remember the one… God always works with the one. 🙂

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