Core Mission

  • Help Christians get clear about who they are, their core passions and their God-given missions.
  • Teach Christians how to tap into the full power of grace afforded us through the atonement of Jesus Christ
  • Using God’s power to remove emotional and energetic blocks that obstruct clarity of purpose and their ability to achieve their missions.
  • Inspire believers with the vision of how they fit into God’s grand plan.
  • Create a community of believers who are clear conduits of God’s love and light and who are excited to make the world a better place.

Vision Statement

When you allow God to remove your blocks and fears, you invite the kingdom of heaven to your personal address. As we do this, holding hands together, there’s an exponential energy released that transforms the world.

About Marnie

Marnie Pehrson (a mother of 6) has been helping talented people like you deliver their messages online since 1994. She is the author of twenty-six books and ebooks including “You’re Here for a Reason: Discover and Live your Purpose” and “Light the World: How Your Brilliance Can Shift the Planet” Marnie loves promoting and highlighting truth and talent – delivering positive messages in a way that impact the world for good. She is an online business and marketing consultant focusing on Facebook Ad Management and preparing your online presence for effective advertising. Visit her online at www.MarniePehrson.com

Now more than ever people need ways to supplement their income and make ends meet. Instead of diverting your focus and pursuing flashy get-rich-quick-schemes, you’ll find more joy, fulfillment and success by following your bliss and creating income around your divine purpose.

Marnie can help you discover your talents, hone your message, and create profit centers around them. True joy, fulfillment, and success will come as you live your God-given purpose.